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Here are some more chapters....

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I am working on typing up some more of this story. It is almost done with.


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Sorry that it's been awhile that I haven't post any part of this story. I got busy with work and other things.

chapter 112

Chapter 112:
Frank’s POV:
While Deanna was busy trying on dresses, I was looking around. Out of nowhere her cell phone rang from inside her purse.
“Frank, can you get that for me?”
“Of course.”
Without even checking who was calling, I hit the talk button.
“Where’s Deanna?”
“Taylor, she doesn’t wanna talk to you.”
“Please…I just wanna say sorry.”
“Fine…just hold on a second…Dea, Taylor wants to say something to you.”
She opened the door and walked out wearing this long red dress.
“Stay here,” Deanna said before taking the phone from me.
Taylor’s POV:
“Dea…I’m sorry about what I said was so mean! Can we at least be friends?”
“…I guess…just don’t treat Frank like you did to me. He doesn’t deserve to get treated like that.”
“Okay….I won’t do that to you anymore…I wasn’t thinking when I said those things. I hope he treats you better than me.” I can’t believe I’m saying this.
“I’m sure he will. Listen, we’re shopping right now…but when we get home, we can talk more.”
“All right. I’ll see you later.”
I hung up my phone and placed it back in my pocket. At least I got Deanna to forgive me.
Deanna’s POV:
While Frank was in the Verizon wireless store, I was in Hot Topic looking around. I found a few shirts and this red hair dye. After I made my purchase, I stood outside of the store. When Frank came out, he handed me this bag.
“What is this?”
“Look inside…”
I smiled as I pulled out an LG Dare.
“Honey, you didn’t have to get me a whole new phone.”
“But I wanted to. Look, I bought myself the same one, but a different color.”
I gave him a kiss before handing him his bag.
“Babe, what’s all this for?”
“I thought you’d like a few new shirts. The red dye is so you can do that red and black mohawk I love so much.”
“Haha, thanks,” He said with a smile.
At home, Taylor was sitting on the porch listening to his iPod and texting at the same time. When he saw us, the earbuds were out of his ears in an instant.
“Hey, guys. Wow…someone went a little overboard.”
Frank laughed as he carried a few of my bags inside. Taylor followed me though the door.
“Deanna, you know I was telling you the truth on the phone earlier…”
“Tay, relax. I know you were. We’re still gonna be friends no matter what.”
“I’m glad we are.”
“Me too…oh jeez…I never realized how late it is. Frank and I are gonna go to bed now. Maybe the three of us could go to the beach tomorrow and hang out.”
“I’d like that. Good night.”
Brianna’s POV:
In the middle of the night, around 2:30 pm, I heard someone walk past my bedroom. I climbed out of bed and went to see who is was. I found Deanna in the den crying softly.
“Dea, what’s the matter?”
“Mom and dad are getting a divorce….and dad blamed me.”
“Oh god! He called you this late?”
“Yes…Bria, what am I gonna do? Dad threatened to come here and hurt me…”
“I have an idea. Stay at Frank’s house with him until everything is better. There’s no doubt that he’ll keep you safe.”
“Thanks so much. I’m gonna tell Frankie.”
After Deanna left, I went back to my room and laid down with Zac.
Frank’s POV:
I was in the middle of a dream when I felt Deanna shaking my shoulder.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
“We need to get out of here A.S.A.P.!”
“My dad is gonna come here and hurt me!”
“Oh shit…okay. Let’s start packing everything we can.”
“Your dad knows the code…and has a key to Brianna’s house?”
“Oh fuck…I never thought of that. What are we gonna do now?”
“So he does? Why?” I said as I started to get dress to leave.
“Since Brianna bought the house…she got along with dad better than me.”
“Oh…um…are you ready to go yet?”
“Yes,” she replied while slipping on her flip flops. Somehow we managed to get our things down to my jeep without making a sound. Which means Tay and Zac don’t know that we are leaving.
“I feel like a bad girl sneaking out like this.”
“Why? Your gonna be safer out of Bria’s place.”
“Guess your right. I really wish dad didn’t even call me! All because of him, I feel guilty. Over the past few years, I’ve been the reason mom and dad have been fighting. At times I would lay in bed and listen to every time my dad said something bad about me or called me every bad name in the book. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep…”
“Hey…hey…please don’t talk like that. It’s really not your fault. Hey why don’t you pick something to listen to. My CD’s are in the glove compartment.”
“Okay,” she whispered and went thought the few CD’s that I had. She decided on her favorite MCR album, the Black Parade.
Taylor’s POV:
When I woke up, it was around 10 am. So I thought Frank and Deanna would wanna go to the beach for a few hours. Turns out, they left in the middle of the night for reason Bria won’t say.
“I can’t tell you or Zac.”
Just then, the doorbell rang and Bria ran to get it. A few minutes later, she came back with an older man.
“Tay, this is my father.”
Right away I thought about everything Deanna told me. Her dad was the last person I wanted to see.
“Nice to meet you,” I mumbled. Mr. Timberman stared at me for a bit until he finally said something.
“Where’s my daughter?”
“Oh you mean Deanna? She’s not here right now…”
“Dad, relax. She went out with a friend.”
“And you let her go alone with this friend? What if something bad happens to her? Then what?”
“Her friend is very responsible…trust me.”
“Okay…name? and who are these guys…and what the fuck are they doing here?”
“Her name is….Franchesea….and this is Taylor Hanson.”
“Okay…Taylor Hanson! Like from the Hanson! Where are the other two?”
“The younger one should be around here somewhere,” I said as Bria gabe me the evil eye.
“So Zac is here…where did he sleep? And Brianna, honey, where did you give Taylor that look? Are you dating Zac or something?”

chapter 97-111

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Chapter: 91-96


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Chapter 85-90


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Here are some more chapters. More to come!

chapter 82-84


Chapter this way.....Collapse )Sorry that I havn't post chapters in awhile. But I just found sometime to type so up. I hope you like it.

Jul. 22nd, 2010

HAPPY LATE BRITHDAY [info]muffintoppers! I hope that you had a great b-day.
I'm slowly working on typing up some more chapter of the story. but i'm very busy with my work...that not much is being done. however when i have some chapters to post they well be posted.